California - SB671

Regulation of Biosimilar Substitution


February 27, 2015


As amended, SB 671 would authorize a pharmacist, in his or her discretion, except as specified, to select an alternative biological product when filling a prescription order for a prescribed biological product if the alternative biological product is interchangeable, as defined, and the prescriber does not personally indicate “Do not substitute,” as specified. The bill would also require a pharmacist or his or her designee when dispensing a biological product to communicate to the prescriber the specific biological product provided to the patient, including the name of the product and the manufacturer, except as specified, within 5 days. The bill would prohibit a pharmacist from selecting an alternative biological product that meets the requirements of these provisions unless the cost to the patient of the alternative biological product selected is the same or less than the cost of the prescribed biological product. The bill would also require that the substitution of a biological product be communicated to the patient.

Click here for the full text of the bill and its status.

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