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Issue Background

2018 Farm Bill


Congress is currently putting together its 2018 Farm Bill, and NCBA has been hard at work ensure that it reflects the priorities and concerns of America's cattle producers. Learn more about those priorities and make your voice heard!

Overview & NCBA Priorities

The Farm Bill is vitally important for U.S. cattlemen and women. NCBA believes that the Farm Bill must include a strong research title to ensure that we remain as efficient and competitive as we can be in producing beef. It also needs a strong conservation title to protect programs like the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), which have been very successful in helping producers do even more to protect our resources. The Farm Bill should also maintain policy that supports a free, open, and private marketplace, as well as a robust and preventative animal health program - including a Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccine bank to respond to any potential outbreaks.

Supporting a Free, Open and Private Marketplace

National agricultural policy should be based on a free, private enterprise, and competitive market system. We support a producer’s ability to market cattle however, whenever, and to whomever.

Farm policy should not guarantee profit, restrict the operation of the competitive marketplace or dictate who can or cannot own cattle.

Private enterprise alternatives in marketing and risk management should be developed and encouraged as the preferred alternative to government intervention.

Maintaining a Focus on Research

Agricultural research provides critical information necessary to protect the profitability, global competitiveness, health and well-being and sustainability of the U.S. cattle industry. Unfortunately, funding for agricultural research has been significantly reduced over the years.

Cattlemen strongly support Congress adequately funding the research title within the next farm bill to ensure that the necessary research is being done to combat emerging diseases, discover new production practices, improve environmental stewardship and improve the long-term viability of America’s beef producers.

Responsible Stewardship of Land and Resources

Healthy natural resources provide a healthy watershed and renewable source of feed for domestic animals and wildlife. Cattle farmers and ranchers are committed to responsibly using and conserving the land and its resources.

EQIP allows farmers and ranchers to leverage their own financial investment with federal dollars to make improvements to their land, water and natural resources. EQIP has been a successful and effective tool for landowners seeking technical and financial assistance to implement sound conservation practices.

Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine Bank

NCBA strongly supports a strong animal-health program, including a FMD vaccine bank that is fully funded and can quickly respond to any size outbreak. FMD is considered one the most contagious and economically devastating livestock diseases. Without this vaccine bank there is a major risk of crippling the livestock industry and causing lasting ramifications throughout agriculture.

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