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Legislative Activism Raffle

To reward AzCDL members who have helped us “Protect Your Freedom” year after year by taking the time to contact legislators and the Governor, we are spicing things up with a contest for activism.

Every AzCDL member who sends EVERY email we provide during the 2014 legislative session for contacting legislators or the Governor, from our Legislative Action Center, will be entered into a drawing after the end of the legislative session for a $300 gift certificate from Brownells.

Since not everyone may be available during the entire session, we will also conduct a drawing for a $100 Brownell’s gift certificate.  Every AzCDL member who sends at least one AzCDL-prepared email from our Legislative Action Center during the 2014 legislative session but who did not win the “grand” prize will be eligible for this drawing.

This contest is open to current AzCDL members only.  If you are subscribing to our Legislative Alerts but are not a member you need to join AzCDL.

During the legislative session we send out weekly Legislative Alerts.  Check your spam and junk mail filters to make sure emails from AzCDL’s Legislative Action Center are not being blocked. 

2014 Legislative Session - What to expect

The 2014 Arizona legislative session officially began on January 13.

As bills are filed, we sift through them for anything related to the right to keep and bear arms.  We then review the bills, add a summary and comments and make them available to you on our Bill Tracking page where their status is automatically updated as they progress through the legislature.

At critical junctures in a bill’s progress, we will ask you to contact committee members, legislators or the governor using our Legislative Action Center where we will have pre-written emails ready for you to send.  All it takes is a few mouse clicks and about 30 seconds of your time to make a difference.  The more emails that are sent, the greater the prospects are for good bills to succeed and bad bills to fail.
With their recent lack of success at the federal level, the anti-rights groups with their deep-pocketed sugar daddies have turned their attention to the states.  With the firearms freedoms we enjoy, Arizona is the grand prize for these freedom haters.  We will need your help in defeating them.