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Oklahoma R.T. Licensure


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Read SB 1329 and follow the status of the bill. 

Read SB 782 and follow the status of the bill. 

Oklahoma Licensure Bills Need Immediate Action

UPDATE: Senate Bill 1329 passed the Senate Health and Human Services Committee with a 10-1 vote on Feb. 26. 

Oklahoma, which has more than 4,500 certified medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals, still has no professional standards for the primary radiologic disciplines of radiography, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine technology, sonography or magnetic resonance technology.

Senate Bill 782, passed by the Senate in 2017 and now under House consideration, was introduced by Sen. Paul Scott, R.T.(R) (Rep. – Duncan). In January 2018, Sen. Scott introduced Senate Bill 1329 in the Oklahoma Senate. SB 782 and SB 1329 will require Oklahoma radiographers, radiation therapists and nuclear medicine technologists to be licensed by the Oklahoma Medical Board, which currently licenses only radiologist assistants. The Oklahoma Society of Radiologic Technologists continues to work closely with Senator Scott and the American Society of Radiologic Technologists in support of these important patient care and radiation safety bills.

It is now time for Oklahoma radiologic technologists to take action and help get these bills enacted by reaching out to your state lawmakers in support of SB 782 and SB 1329.  The Oklahoma legislature needs to hear from you! 

The OSRT will be conducting their first annual R.T. in OKC advocacy event March 28. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with state lawmakers and garner Senate support for enactment of SB 1329 and encourage House members to take action on SB 782. 

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