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May 28, 2019: The Missouri Legislature passed a bill to create the Joint Task Force on Radiologic Technologist Licensure. This task force will report on the risks associated with nonlicensure and specific rural needs for imaging in Missouri. The bill now heads to the governor’s desk. 

Senate Bill 303, introduced on Jan. 24, 2019 in the Missouri Senate, would create a Missouri Radiologic Imaging and Radiation Therapy Advisory Committee under the state Board of Registration for the Healing Arts. The committee would establish education and certification licensure standards for medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals in the state. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Jeanie Riddle, Chairwoman of the Committee on Professional Registration. Calls to action from the Missouri Society of Radiologic Technologists went out asking R.T.s to tell lawmakers about the vital role of radiologic technologists and why licensure is important for patient safety. Rep.Kathy Swan introduced the companion bill House Bill 884 in the Missouri House on Feb. 11. 

The MoSRT's 2019 advocacy day R.T. in J.C. event was a huge success and plans are already underway for the 2020 annual event that takes place at the Capitol in Jefferson City. During the event, attendees meet with state senators and representatives to promote licensure legislation for radiographers, radiation therapists, nuclear medicine technologists, limited x-ray machine operators and radiologist assistants.

Missouri is one of only three states in the nation with no licensure or regulatory standards for personnel operating medical imaging and radiation therapy equipment.


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