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The Maryland Society of Radiologic Technologists believes all health care providers performing or administering radiation for fluoroscopically guided interventional procedures must be formally educated in radiation safety, radiation protection, radiation physics, safe operation of fluoroscopy equipment and image acquisition.

The MSRT closely monitored and actively advocated for patient protection provisions in bills enacted in the 2019 Maryland General Assembly. Close attention was paid to House Bill 924 because of its potential impact on the radiologic technology profession and the performance of procedures in Maryland hospitals. Thanks to the MSRT, strong standards for RCIS’ assisting with cardiac catheterization procedures were adopted in HB 924.

House Bill 924 allows registered cardiovascular invasive specialists certified by Cardiovascular Credentialing International to assist cardiologists in the performance of fluoroscopy procedures in the cardiac catheterization lab. The cardiologist is required to perform the procedure and must be physically present and personally directing the RCIS who is assisting.

The bills state, in part, that a licensed physician may delegate duties to a registered cardiovascular invasive specialist assisting in the physician’s performance of fluoroscopy if:

  • the delegated duties are limited to a cardiac catheterization procedures performed in a hospital cardiac catheterization laboratory;
  • the physician is physically present and personally directs each act performed by the registered cardiovascular invasive specialist;
  • the registered cardiovascular invasive specialist has completed training and education specified by the Maryland Board of Physicians, has experience required by regulations adopted by the board, and is a currently registered cardiovascular invasive specialist; and
  • the hospital in which the cardiac catheterization laboratory is located has verified and documented that the registered cardiovascular invasive specialist has completed training and education and has obtained experience required by regulations adopted by the board.

The MSRT will continue to speak out on behalf of Maryland patients and the R.T.s who serve them.

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