Issue Background

Missouri R.T. Licensure

Medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals in Missouri should contact their representative and senator in Jefferson City to ask them to enact this bill.

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Read SB 926.

Read HB 2468.

Missouri R.T. Licensure

UPDATE: House Bill 2428 was introduced on Feb. 15 by Rep. Kathy Swan and has been referred to the House Health and Mental Health Policy Committee.

Missouri is one of only four states that does not have standards for medical personnel who perform radiologic imaging or who treat cancer with ionizing radiation. Senate Bill 926 and House Bill 2468 will create a Missouri Radiologic Imaging and Radiation Therapy Advisory Committee to advise the Board of Registration for the Healing Arts in creating a licensure program for radiographers, radiation therapists, nuclear medicine technologists, limited x-ray machine operators and radiologist assistants.

These bills will help ensure imaging examinations and radiation therapy treatments are performed by professionals who are qualified through education and competency assessment. 

Missouri R.T.s: Now is the time to send emails to your state senator and representative in support of these bills.