Council approves moving grant funds

2019-04-18 | Commercial-News

April 18-- Apr. 18--DANVILLE -- City Council members Tuesday night approved moving Community Development Block Grant funds from East Main Street public infrastructure improvements to general economic development and public improvement and infrastructure activities.

Ward 3 Alderwoman Sherry Pickering and Ward 4 Alderman Mike O'Kane said they want to see the city try to use the money on the city's east end.

O'Kane said more development is needed near the busy Danville Area Community College and Veterans Affairs Illiana Health Care System.

"We need something across the street," he said about having the visitors and students spend money in the city.

Aldermen didn't approve moving the CDBG funds elsewhere in November. The funds for the East Main Street area were for additional land acquisition and demolitions.

Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. said the city has acquired most of what it can already along East Main Street.

The city has been unsuccessful in acquiring some properties, such as the American Inn motel, for further park areas and other development.

The city council approved amending the CDBG annual action plan for program year 2016, to be in compliance with timely spending of funds as required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The amendment reduces the amount dedicated to the East Main Street public infrastructure improvements from $259,035 to $38,807, increases economic development from $75,000 to $135,000 and creates the new activity public improvements and infrastructure with $160,227 possibly for the Griffin Street CSX improvements.

In other business Tuesday, council members:

--Approved a $551,769 contract with DMS Contracting Inc. for the city's 2019 seal coat program.

--Approved a $22,254 contract with Schomburg Schomburg Construction for wayfinding signage foundations and structural steel.

--Authorized an intergovernmental agreement with Danville School District 118 concerning demolitions and who pays for what when the city and school district agree to a demolition.

--Authorized Danville Mass Transit to file applications with the Federal Transit Administration for federal transit assistance.

--Authorized actuarial services with Lauterbach and Amen for $13,950 the first year, $10,550 the second year, $14,500 the third year and $10,960 the fourth year starting with the next fiscal year. There's an increase every other year due to reporting requirements.

--Approved budget amendments concerning the fire truck loan, $64,000 in the settlement with Pierce Manufacturing for two fire truck rail replacement, transferring $150,000 to capital improvements from solid waste in exchange for reallocation of the 2013 John Deere wheel loader from the streets to solid waste division and $57,907 paid to Miller Tree Service for tree removal with the Denmark/Old Ottawa Road project being competed.

--Authorizing Old National Bank as the depository for payments made by credit card to the city such as for yard waste stickers and other fees.

City Comptroller Shelley Scott said the city could start taking payments online possibly starting next year.

--Authorizing application and acceptance of local discretion grant from Norfolk Southern and amending the police division budget by $5,000 for the grant's purpose of replacing Kevlar helmets for the Emergency Response Unit. According to the resolution, the helmets are beyond their life of offering adequate protection. The ERU is a tactical unit that serves the Danville Police Department, local narcotics unit (VMEG) and other agencies in the service of high risk warrants.

--Appointing aldermen Sharon McMahon as chairman and Steve Foster and Dan Duncheon to the credentials committee to review the April 2 election results and that those elected meet requirements.

--Heard Williams say Illinois Department of Natural Resources officials were here this week to evaluate the riverfront trail proposal.

--Heard Holiday Hills resident Ruby Swinford, on behalf of the neighborhood association, ask about two sites that need to be cleaned up of trash and other debris between Valleyview Apartments and Southmoor Drive and on Eastview Avenue going toward Voorhees Street.

--Heard Danville Community Development Director David Schnelle say the city was checking on a leak at Garfield Park Swimming Pool.

--Heard Ward 5 Alderman Mike Puhr ask about Aqua Illinois' solar project, if certain zoning was needed and if there would be a public meeting; and about semi-tractor trailers parked in driveways.

--Heard Ward 3 Alderman R.J. Davis say a family approached him about issues with memorials at some locations becoming unsightly due to the rain, such as with wet stuffed animals, and items, such as bottles, being left.

"This is something we may have to deal with," he said, saying he didn't want to sound insensitive.