New exit turn lane to Central Park set to open

2018-06-13 | The Free Lance-Star

June 13--The new, dedicated Interstate 95 off-ramp to Central Park is set to open early Thursday morning.

Weather permitting, the lane should open between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m., local Virginia Department of Transportation spokeswoman Darragh Copley Frye said in a news release.

A raised median separates the new lane from the other exit lanes and the main lanes of State Route 3. There also are two separate right-turn lanes for Route 3 traffic heading to Central Park.

The work is part of a $21 million project that is revamping the interchange, an area that has long been a high-crash spot because of weaving traffic.

The first part of the project saw the addition of three right-turn lanes, which traffic uses to turn from the southbound I -- 95 exit ramp onto westbound Route 3. Those lanes have been open since December.

Copley Frye said the project should "reduce vehicle merging and weaving that can lead to crashes, injuries and congestion."

Work on the cloverleaf ramp from eastbound Route 3 to northbound I -- 95 is the final leg of the project. Crews are building three left-turn lanes that will replace the loop of the cloverleaf. A traffic light will manage traffic at the new turn lanes.

Work on the entire interchange is scheduled to be finished by January.

--Staff report

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