Financial update from engineer's office

2018-06-11 | Gallipolis Daily Tribune (Ohio)

June 11--GALLIA COUNTY -- The Gallia County Engineers Office has issued its financial status for 2017 as part of the office's annual report.

In total, the engineer's office had $4,944,468.56 in revenue for the 2017 year, surpassing total expenses of $4,569,183.50 by nearly $400,000 dollars.

The engineer's office has constant and variable revenue sources. Constant sources of income for the department include gasoline excise tax, motor vehicle registration fees, overweight fines, and interest totaling $3,791,772.10 in 2017.

According to the annual report, the largest share of capital improvements program consist of variable revenue sources such as grants. Many times the project must be paid upfront by the Gallia County Engineer's Office, then submitted for grant reimbursement. Examples of these grant sources include Ohio Public Works Commission, Federal, Transportation Improvement District, and others.

According to the report, the engineer's office is very active in pursuing grants, receiving over $900,000 in grants and emergency funds in 2017.

According to Gallia Engineer Brett Boothe in the annual report, revenue is provided monthly while the majority of expenditures come due in the summer and fall. Also, 38 percent of expenses for the county are road and bridge projects, with another 20 percent being spent on materials, and 32 percent of expenses are tied up in wages and benefits for county employees. The remaining expenses are allocated to equipment, utilities, yard management for the fleet, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Fleet management is a constant expense for the county garage, costing $347,912.21 in 2017. That number includes a loan for a new wheeled Gradall excavator, a necessary tool in managing roadways ditches according to the report. The Gradall loan costs slightly more than $58,000.

Parts expenses totaled $152,914.03 and fuel costs surpassed $100,000 for 2017.

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