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Issue Background

Child Welfare

From adoption and foster care to human trafficking and comprehensive child welfare reform, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is elevating the collective voice of our network to inform and influence policy decisions related to an array of child welfare issues.

Through our Keeping Kids in Families campaign we are leading our network in transforming our system so that it supports the best interests of children and families.

Members of our network play a crucial role in all aspects of America’s child welfare system and represent unique perspectives on these issues. Together, we bring powerful experiences to the goal of informing the very policies and practices that support the best interest of children and youth to connect them with safe, secure families and permanent homes.

We recognize that the time has come to reassess the way we, as a country, support and invest in children and families. We can no longer wait to strengthen our system and the programs that support our most vulnerable families. Our member network is helping to shift policy conversations to focus on better outcomes for the lives of our children and what we can do to keep families from falling into the “deep end” as they face difficult challenges.