Issue Background


Our Goal:

Support “network neutrality.” Preserving an open Internet is essential to freedom of speech, educational achievement, and our nation’s economic growth. Internet service providers should not be information gatekeepers. ALA urges all Members of Congress to oppose any legislation that fails to protect open internet principles, or to assure equitable access to online information, applications and services for all.

Libraries provide essential services to the public through equitable public access to information and telecommunications services. All types of libraries – public, school and academic - need affordable “big pipe” broadband connectivity to meet the ever-increasing needs of library users. In response to the increased public demand for access, the American Library Association’s legislative and policy agenda includes but is not limited to the following: ensuring libraries have access to affordable high-capacity broadband through the E-rate program within the Universal Service Fund; and preservation ofnetwork neutrality to ensure a diversity of viewpoints on the Internet while recognizing the need for innovation and transparency, as well as appropriate network management techniques.

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