Secretary Clinton Releases Agenda to End AIDS

2016-08-05 | , AIDS United

Following the Democratic National Convention, Secretary Hillary Clinton published a press release which describes her plan to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic if she becomes president and highlighted the speech of Daniel Driffin a man living with HIV from Atlanta. The press release described three main components of her plan, including convening an “End the Epidemic” working group, fully implementing and strengthening the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, and launching a campaign to reduce the stigma and discrimination faced by those living with HIV.

The Clinton campaign also posted an extensive HIV/AIDS campaign platform detailing 27 steps she planned to take in three primary areas, including expanding critical programs to reach and sustain an AIDS-free generation, removing disparities and barriers to accessing care and seeking an end to stigma and discrimination. Among the proposed steps are further implementing the Affordable Care Act and starting a $10 billion initiative to fight the drug addiction epidemic in the United States. She also pledged to increase access to prevention and treatment services for at-risk groups such as black men who have sex with men, transgender individuals, African American women, and people who inject drugs.

The National Coalition to End the AIDS Epidemic, which is made up of over seventy AIDS advocates and service providers, released a letter praising Clinton for her platform. The letter also urged Clinton to pledge a specific monetary amount of funding towards PEPFAR to set a precedent of appropriating more funds towards the global AIDS epidemic for other countries. Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has not yet released any statements regarding the HIV/AIDS epidemic. AIDS United will continue to monitor candidate engagement with HIV/AIDS issues in the 2016 federal and state elections.


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