Virginia Senate panel backs limited alternative to Medicaid expansion, but keeps hospital tax to pay for it

2018-02-13 | , Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Senate Finance Committee has endorsed an alternative to Medicaid expansion that would rely on a new hospital tax to pay for treating an additional 20,000 low-income people with mental illness, addiction or chronic disease, while boosting the state reimbursement of hospitals for caring for patients in the program and funding additional services to disabled Virginians who are waiting for help.


The committee voted 10-6 on Monday to approve Senate Bill 915, proposed by Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant, R-Henrico, to expand Medicaid coverage of inpatient and emergency room care for a limited number of low-income Virginians with chronic mental and physical disorders. The bill also would require funding of services under three Medicaid waiver programs for about 2,300 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Read more at the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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